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From the BCS Elite Event in Leeds, Thursday 15th November 2012.

IT Strategy – Big Opportunity or Big Headache?...

The whole IT world is talking about 'Big Data'; as more devices and people become connected, huge repositories of data are being generated, creating a snowballing issue for IT departments.

The management of big data, ever more problematic as data volumes, velocity, frequency and complexity all increase, is exacerbated by massive growth in unstructured data such as e-mails, text documents, presentations, images and video files, etc.

Yet how much of this adds value and how much just takes up storage space? How to define 'value'? How to transform raw data into relevant knowledge and insights?

Our industry expert speakers covered all of the issues, including:

  • Practical approaches for transforming data into valuable insights, and giving examples of where 'Big Data', and the tools to analyse it, have made an impact on business performance.
  • Reviewing trends in terms of data input and growth (across structured and unstructured sources)
  • Discussing the need for integration and the viability of existing solutions in isolation.
  • Addressing 'Enterprise Readiness', particularly in relation to solutions such as Hadoop.
  • Exploring the policy, process and people issues.

To access the slide presentations for our two industry experts please click the links below:


Dale Vile

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Dale VileAs an active industry analyst, Dale has extensive experience in both end-user and vendor environments. Early in his career, he held positions as developer, architect and project manager within companies such as Glaxo and Heineken. He later moved on to the vendor community and worked in various consulting roles at Nortel Networks, SAP, JD Edwards and Sybase. Dale has been involved in IT industry research since 2000 and has a strong reputation for original thinking and alternative perspectives on the latest technology trends developments.

Peter Dorrington

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Peter DorringtonPeter is a member of the leadership team at SAS and has more than 30 years' experience in IT. He currently supports SAS' go-to-market strategies by utilising big data to provide actionable insights aligned around the needs of SAS' customers. Peter has extensive experience in a range of applications of Big Data and analytics in both the public and commercial sectors and across a diverse range of applications.