4it Recruitment

Services to Clients

We specialise in the provision of
IT Contractors and Permanent staff to many
of the leading companies in our Region.


We listen to you

The more we can learn about your needs, your team’s goals and your wider corporate and organisational drivers, the better we will be able to understand the role that you wish us to fill. This drives success in our delivery for you, so an intrinsic part of what we do is to invest in actively listening to everything you have to say.

We have built a network of IT Professionals

We have built contact and trust over years with a wide network of IT professionals across the North East, North West and the Midlands with whom we engage and interact constantly. This drives effective delivery to you.

We invest…

We talk and listen to IT professionals as they build their careers, investing in them, sharing expert knowledge and skills to help them develop in their profession and achieve their goals. This network-building work is an absolutely core part of what we do.

And deliver:

Most of our success in sourcing IT professionals for clients’ teams results from this core work.


Fast delivery…

Fast, flexible and effective IT expertise for project work and short notice, mission-critical situations.

…from a resilient network of Contractors

Because we have been providing IT professionals on a contract basis to companies in many different sectors since the millennium, we have built a resilient supply of limited company contractors who are available at very short notice in every major IT skills area.

We regularly supply IT contractors to software houses, IT consultancies, Universities and clients in financial services, retail, logistics, insurance, betting and gaming, pharmaceuticals, utilities and the legal sector.

We offer industry leading service to our IT contractors which minimises attrition and ensures a robust supply of expertise for your IT team.