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13th May 2020 @ 3pm

Our working lives have been changing for a while now and the emergence of COVID-19 has added impetus to the shift towards home working. Given the extra productivity, financial, social and environmental benefits, it’s realistic to assume that shifting to the ‘home office’ will become the new norm for many of us.

With that in mind, it is critically important that as business leaders we are fully equipped with all of the tools and knowledge not just to ride out the current storm, but also to take maximum advantage of the benefits of remote working going forwards……Fully understanding the motivational and psychological aspects will be the key to keeping us ahead of our competitors and bringing maximum value to all of our businesses in the future.

Kat Murray-Clark will open the event with a short session looking at ways to bring more energy to your team meetings whilst working remotely and how to add physicality, play and connection back into our remote working.

Simeon Banks will then share some stories around motivating and engaging with remote. Simeon will also talk about Virtual Workshops and the benefits of VR.

Laura Lancaster and Przemek Koszka will then share case studies of their first-hand experience managing remote teams in their respective businesses, offering you useful tips and potential pitfalls to be aware of. They will also share their thoughts on how the current situation will affect the way we work going forwards.

Robert Van-Tol will close the session by focussing on the psychological aspect of working from home, sharing materials using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Transactional Analysis. These will account for all the stresses people are under, from the situation, from home being their workplace, from the collaborative work methodologies we use and from ourselves to keep carrying on. Robert will look at how this takes its psychological toll on us and will review ways of coping that will enable us to stay psychologically healthy and productive.

3:00pm Kat Murray-Clark – SPARCK (the strategic design consultancy for BJSS)
3:15pm Simeon Banks – Pure Technology Group
3:45pm Laura Lancaster – Manchester Airport Group (MAG)
4:00pmPrzemek Koszka – Diversity Travel
4:15pmRobert Van-Tol – SPARCK


Kat Murray-Clark

Kat is a Service Designer at SPARCK (the strategic design consultancy for BJSS). Kat’s previous roles include all the appropriate buzzwords, from Creative Strategist, to Innovation and Digital Transformation Director for a Culture Transformation Consultancy. An eternal optimist, she believes in creativity and the power of play to transform how we work and connect. Outside of work she performs as a comedian and improviser, and brings her experience in performance to inject energy, human connection and physicality into the digital services and systems she designs.

Simeon Banks

Simeon is Group Technology Manager for the pure technology group; a leading Cloud and Managed Services provider of IT services and solutions to SME, corporate and public sectors across the UK. Simeon is responsible for day-to-day consultancy to major customers and also leads innovation for the Group. He has worked in the IT sector for 10 years, typically concentrating on datacentre technologies and has recently been developed VR and IoT solutions for some of the leading organisations in the UK.

Laura Lancaster

Laura has worked in tech now for 21 years and started her career as a computer programmer all those years ago! After learning her trade of coding she realised that her passion was more in leadership than writing code and she progressed to lead her first development team aged 24. Laura has held various roles since, and took the plunge of transforming from waterfall to Agile back in 2013 and never looked back. Laura joined MAG-O back in 2017 as a Senior Delivery Manager, and her current position is Head of Agile Delivery.

Przemek Koszka

Przemek joined Diversity Travel as Information System Development Manager and then Head of IT. In the last 6 years he has grown the team from 3 people to 30, standardised the Infrastructure and equipped business with homeworking tools and procedures. 4 years ago, Przemek joined the board of directors @ Diversity Travel. His teams championed DT’s “agile revolution” and now business functions beyond IT use “scrum”. Adopting agile, allowed DT to increase efficiency, productivity and reliability. His teams are multi-cultural and geographically distributed and building excellent relationships with them and stakeholders is absolutely critical.

Robert van Tol

Rob is a digital consultant for SPARCK. He has worked for 30 years in digital in a great variety of settings, from start-ups to multi-nationals, in both the private and public sectors. But importantly here, in these strange times, Rob is also a therapist, with 12 years’ experience, focusing on couples in difficulty, anger issues, and relationships problems more wildly. This gives him an unusual perspective to look at how we work from home, how we balance work and home, and how we adjust to the loss of our outside worlds.

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