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It’s May and after months of sweat, tears and many, many G&Ts the 5th of April IR35 deadline has passed…

It seems a lifetime since the delay of the changes was announced, never mind the business of getting to grips with the changes themselves.

But here at 4it we have not forgotten the worry, the serious financial implications and the fierce anger at the misunderstanding of their working structure coming from every contractor we spoke with.  These things were all real and palpable. 

We were fully prepared for the changes and earned a reputation for significant expertise in the area.  Seminars and briefings answered many questions and we help shape numerous client responses to the changes with contractor concerns, proper compliance and risk management being balanced in a live commercial approach.

Of course it was a relief when the plans were shelved.  There was a realisation everywhere that bigger issues were looming and delay became inevitable. 

Many of us hoped that this would give a chance for a more serious review and the House of Lords committee report that has been published in the meantime urges a thorough-going review of the whole vexed area of employment status.

But the government still believes that there is over a billion pounds at stake each year and seem determined to push ahead next April as if nothing had happened.

Well we shall see.  In the meantime contractors have more immediate concerns and we are working hard to look after all our contractor community with advice and assistance in every area of professional life.

And in addition to partnering with our incredible network of IT contractors, we will continue to focus on developing significant expertise in all the rules and regulations that are thrown at us.

Move over IR35…

Since the announcement of the UK lockdown on the 24th March it has been a difficult time particularly for those working in the worst hit sectors. 

Here at 4it we have been around the block a few times, celebrating 22 years in business this year and we are very lucky to have clients in a wide range of sectors keeping us going. We are committed to doing everything we can to support our clients and contractors in any way we can and to add value wherever possible.

So what does the post Covid-19 contract market look like?

It’s no secret that there is a lot of uncertainty about the future, no one yet really knows what it’s going to look like and when things will return to ‘normal’.

Across the UK the IT market is quiet with a lot of businesses letting contractors go and pausing recruitment so they are able to re-think, re-group and survive.  One thing is clear: the working world as we know it is most likely never going to be the same again.

Many, many companies have been thrown head-first into a digital transformation.  Remote working is set to become the new normal and we have seen clients becoming more and more interested in particular skillsets:

  • Network and Infrastructure
  • Cloud technologies and DevOps
  • Business Intelligence

When listening to our clients (especially in the retail and finance sectors) we are finding the need for contractors is very much still there and once things become a little clearer and the lockdown is relaxed, they will, step by step, get back to BAU.  And to do this, IT contractors will be required once again.

Looking for a new role? Or know someone who is…?

Pop your cv through to and we’ll be sure to help, whether it be offering tailored CV advice or letting you know you about exciting new roles when the time is right for you.

Help us, Help you!

In true 4it spirit we are trying to stay as positive as possible during these difficult times and how better than to keep busy by focusing on upskilling and training our team!  No one is perfect after all (except Ruth of course…).

Please meet our contract team – we have Grace Moorhouse, Ruth Paxton and Laura Osborne (they are Yorkshire’s finest IT contract recruiters).

We have dedicated Teams for our different areas of recruitment, Contract, Permanent, Client Services and Business Support.

Grace Booth
Grace Booth
Ruth Paxton
Ruth Paxton
Laura Osborne
Laura Osborne

But… we are the recruiters… You are the IT experts. 

We have always found the best way to introduce colleagues to the roles we recruit for is to hear first-hand from the people doing the jobs themselves; 

What makes a good Developer?

What does a PM do on a daily basis?

How does Business Analysis impact a period of change?

Help us to help you!

All of us at 4it are committed to Professional Development. We want to expand our knowledge and gain the best understanding of what your role involves and what a typical day looks like.

Please get in touch – we look forward to hearing from you!

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