A practical guide to Managing Bias

We may try to be as objective as possible when making important decisions, especially when these relate to work. However, as human beings, we are all subject to unconscious bias in one way or another, but the more we are aware of this, the more we can manage it.

In this presentation, we’ll define unconscious bias and share some activities that are aimed to help you to explore and understand your own biases.

Katie Gleghorn

Katie is Portfolio Director and a Diversity & Inclusion Consultant at Charlotte Sweeney Associates. She was previously responsible for the Diversity & Inclusion agenda at a UK based head office with c800 employees. Katie is an experienced mentor and is particularly interested in workplace culture. Katie is accredited as both PRINCE2 Practitioner and Change Management Practitioner. She has a Business Analysis diploma and is Lean Six Sigma yellow belt qualified. Katie joined Touchstone (a UK mental health charity) in 2017 and is both a Board member as well as Deputy Chair for the Finance and Business Development Committee.

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