4it techELITE – 2nd of 3 webinars with AWS:
“Data Analytics on AWS”

11th March 2021

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4it techELITE
“Data Analytics on AWS”

A forum for sharing deepdives into technical issues in the world of IT.


  1. Workshop – https://bringyourowndatalabs.workshop.aws/en/athena/58_text_analytics_udf.html
  2. Public Dataset for NYC Taxi http://us-west-2.serverless-analytics.s3.amazonaws.com/

“Data Analytics on AWS”

The second of our series of three technical sessions with AWS will be presented by Nitin Tiwari and Ahmed Saef Zamzam.

Topics Include:

• Introduction to Data Lakes and the different components needed to build one
• Seamless Data Movement
• Purpose-built Analytics Services
• Unified Data Governance to manage and audit access to your data

Some useful links from AWS for further learning…

Instructor-led Webinars

These free one day webinars are hosted by AWS

  • AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials Day is an introductory course covering AWS products, services, and common solutions. Attendees will learn the fundamentals of identifying AWS services so that they can make informed decisions about IT solutions based on their business requirements. It is intended for individuals who are looking to build and validate overall understanding of the AWS Cloud. This path is useful for individuals in technical, managerial, sales, purchasing, or financial roles who work with the AWS Cloud.
  • AWS Technical Essentials Day – In this introductory course, you will learn about AWS products, services, and common solutions. You will learn the fundamentals of identifying AWS services so that you can make informed decisions about IT solutions based on your business requirements.

AWS Ramp Up Guides

These guides offer a variety of resources to help individuals build their skills and knowledge of the AWS Cloud. Each guide features carefully selected digital training, classroom courses, videos, whitepapers, certifications, and more. Explore the guides by role or solution area, ie there are guides for those interested in solutions such as Machine Learning or guides for specific roles, eg Architects, Developers. 

AWS Digital Learning

This is the AWS learning platform with hundreds of free, on-demand digital courses. Learners can choose from foundational, intermediate, and advanced training.  Courses are self-paced and can be taken at any time.

10 Reasons to learn the AWS Cloud

If you are looking to re-skill for the Cloud, this eBook may help.

4it techELITE is designed to provide a non-commercial forum for the presentation and exchange of ideas relating to current technical issues in the world of IT. 


Nitin Tiwari

Nitin Tiwari

Senior Solution Architect at AWS

Nitin works with customers of all sizes across the United Kingdom.

Prior to joining AWS Solutions Architecture team, he had 5+ years of experience in Solutions and API Architecture and a decade of Java Development experience prior to that.

He has worked mostly in Financial Services and Payments industry in the last decade. He is also an Author of Open Banking Payments Standards in UK, and has developed an Online API Platform for a well known Payment Gateway provider.

He is a keen cricket enthusiast and loves to stay fit by running and Crossfit (beginner :-)). It’s never too late to learn something new is his life mantra.

Ahmed Saef Zamzam

Solution Architect at AWS

Ahmed is a Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services, working with SMB customers across United Kingdom.

Prior to joining AWS Solutions Architecture team 2 years ago, he had 9 years experience in application and infrastructure performance management where he worked with major Banks, telecommunication providers and Insurance companies to help them with their digital transformation journey.

He is passionate about exploring the art of the possible with technology to open new horizons.

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