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4it is the Recruitment Consultancy of choice in the North for Digital IT and Change professionals. We’re also a leading training academy for budding recruitment talent.

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4it – the first 21 years…

What a difference a couple of decades makes!
…fax machines, 
…lineage ads in newspapers, 
…and this, our first logo!

The whole IT scene was in its infancy when 4it began its journey and many businesses had not even computerised.  The internet was working on pre-broadband dial-up and the world could still, just about, survive without IT.  Oh and we had the Y2K bug – remember that?

The enthusiastic trio of 4it founders grew to an additional 6 people and built a solid reputation in the local Leeds market before a step-change in 2008 when Esther Procter, our ambitious founding Director teamed up with current MD John Edwards to take over the 4it story. 

…and what an interesting time to take over, with the longest and deepest recession in living memory just about to begin…!

No more cold calling…

4it adapted well, re-thinking each specific function within the business without fetters or pre-judgment, working out how to perform them to their very best.  The previous, traditional sales-led approach was turned on its head and the very specialist activity of business development was separated from the equally specialist but very different function of recruitment delivery. 

Cold calling was about the easiest way to annoy people ever invented.  It was (and remains) an entry-level sales technique that people neither enjoy doing nor appreciate being a target of. Though still a popular tool of many recruiters, cold calling produces a tiny return with a real cost to company reputation. 

So we completely stopped doing it.  Cold turkey.  Never again. 

This was over 10 years ago now.

And so began the process of building, from the ground up, the client-focused, service-led and value-adding philosophy that has driven our growth ever since.

The finest consultants in the North

As we enter our 21st year with a team of nearly 30 people, our internal Recruitment Partner is giving the opportunity of a career in recruitment to many more brilliant people and our training academy is turning out the finest consultants in the North. 

The service we deliver to our clients extends well beyond our core recruitment function and represents the future of recruitment as a holistic, integrated service. 

All our daily work is as an embedded partner in the provision of specialist human capital, working as part of a trusted preferred supplier list or one2one with clients.  None of our work is the hit-and-run, spot-business so characteristic of the recruitment marketplace and so begrudged by clients.  No more playground games like “getting past the gatekeeper”…

A growing industry

The work we do to grow the company (we have grown every year since 2010) is as service-led as the rest of the business and we share our expertise freely.  And it works – we are growing well, and faster than the market as a whole.  Change and development in our business is focused and constant.  And we embrace it!  It is exciting and invigorating!

The future of recruitment

Of course, in such a competitive market for Digital, IT and Change skillsets, the vital importance of the candidate journey into the client-businesses we work with is front and centre of all we do. 

The 4it model is the future of recruitment and is being emulated all around – there are now even business courses available on how to do things the way that we do them.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and we are delighted to be at the forefront of this new direction of travel that sees us and our sector mature into highly specialist business partners.

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