Training and Career Progression

We run the best Talent Academy in Leeds and we will train you from scratch in the craft of recruitment.

A genuine career-move

4it-trained recruitment delivery consultants are widely recognised as the best recruiters in the market – just ask around!

You can be part of the best Talent Academy in Leeds and we will train you, from scratch, in the craft of recruitment.

Not only are we first choice for our extensive client base but also the employer of choice for budding recruitment talent in Leeds. 4it is a training organisation every bit as much as a multifaceted recruitment consultancy. Training with 4it gives you a genuine career and you will be supported with career-long growth and development.

You can play to your strengths

We will show you the world of business and technology we inhabit. You will see the vital importance of getting the candidate-journey right, you will learn the theory behind the advanced and nuanced sales work that you will be doing and you will be exposed to an impressive range of highly successful businesses from the inside.

There is a huge amount to learn and some advanced skills to master.  We want to see you succeed and so we’ll invest in your development every step of the way to ensure you achieve your goals.

We will not waste your time asking you to cold-call for new business – you have every right to expect us to have a proper and well thought-out growth strategy already. And we do!

A Growing Business

We have a specialist team focused on business growth and client services. Their techniques are far more mature than the entry-level technique of cold calling. Our culture of doing recruitment really well extends to all business functions and our new sales work is as service-led as the delivery arms of 4it. We add value at every touch point and leave the aggressive selling to our competitors. This is the approach that has defined our success in the marketplace.

Fast track your development

You will be able to track your career-progress against clearly set out criteria which we will share with you at the very start of your journey. Once you have mastered the skills, you will be able to progress in a way that suits your aptitudes and natural direction of travel. 

It is important that we make room for you to develop in the way that is best for you; playing to your strengths and suiting your interests.  This way, you will be encouraged to take ownership of your progression and set your own agenda for success.

There is no glass ceiling, your potential and measurements of success will remain uncapped!

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