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4it techELITE – A non-commercial thought-leadership forum for the exchange of technical knowledge and ideas in the world of IT.

4it futureELITE – A forum for inspirational leaders in IT to share the story of their career and offer advice and guidance to ambitious professionals in the world of technology.

BCS IT Leaders Forum – An impartial, non-commercial and pressure-free setting for thought-leadership and the exchange of experiences and views, providing the opportunity to be informed by leading speakers and contributors in the field.

IT Leaders Forum

25th November 2021

Why you shouldn’t move to the Cloud…

4it futureELITE

14th October 2021

"Conquering the digital career climbing wall"

4it futureELITE

7th October 2021

"Development to Digital Leadership"

4it futureELITE

30th September 2021

"Career Transformation advice from two IT Leaders"

4it futureELITE

23rd September 2021

“Transforming your career into success”

BCS IT Leaders Forum

1st July 2021

Creating a new Work-World?…

4it techELITE

22nd April 2021

“The journey to secure business agility”

4it futureELITE

25th February 2021

“Product Owners”

Expert Recruitment Panel Discussion

22nd February 2021

View from the inside

BCS IT Leaders Forum

10th December 2020

Inclusive Leadership – Are you building the right culture?

4it techELITE

24th September 2020

“Effective Pipelines”

4it techELITE

17th September 2020

“Mobile Google Analytics Ecosystem”

4it techELITE

27th August 2020

“When is a unit test not a unit test…”

4it techELITE

13th August 2020

"Secure Secrets Management"

4it futureELITE

25th June 2020

IT Support Event

4it futureELITE

11th June 2020

DevOps Event

4it futureELITE

4th June 2020

Architects Event

4it futureELITE

28th May 2020

Testers Event

4it futureELITE

21st May 2020

Business Analysts Event

4it futureELITE

14th May 2020

Project Managers Event

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