4it techELITE

“Rediscovering Michelin Star for Remote Engagement Part 2”

11th November 2021

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4it techELITE

“Rediscovering Michelin Star for Remote Engagement Part 2”

A forum for sharing deepdives into technical issues in the world of IT.

4it techELITE is a non-commercial thought-leadership forum for the exchange of technical knowledge and ideas in the world of IT. 


Martin Simmons

Martin is a Senior Business Analyst based at Redvespa in Leeds; experienced in change and transformation across construction, public sector, education, finance, hospitality and utilities.

Martin has worked in both the UK and New Zealand and facilitates a cross continent, monthly meetup called the Business Solutions Squad, which focuses on bringing the change community together to solve common problems.

Martin’s work passion is trying to improve people’s day at work, “when we leave the day feeling great about what we’ve done it’s infectious and translates to all areas of our lives”. That passion ignited these workshops, which aim to elevate the standard of our meetings, making them both enjoyable and productive.


Paul Hickman

Paul is a BA Graduate leader and Strategic BA at Natwest bank.

Hosting a range of speakers and topics internally and externally including the recent PlanView Leankit. Paul’s motivation is, “I’d love to see us getting more value from our meetings, increasing our productivity, creativity and return on investment”.

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