4it techELITE – “Mobile Google Analytics Ecosystem”

17th September 2020 @ 6pm

4it Recruitment

4it techELITE – Mobile Google Analytics Ecosystem

A forum for sharing deepdives into technical issues in the world of IT.


6:05pmPresentation – “Mobile Google Analytics Ecosystem”

4it techELITE is designed to provide a non-commercial forum for the presentation and exchange of ideas relating to current technical issues in the world of IT. 

Matt Wilson from Infinity Works, presents a talk: “The mobile Google analytics ecosystem

The presentation will be an outline of the mobile Google analytics ecosystem and will include working with the business and creating a tracking plan, the Google Analytics ecosystem and what each service is used for, what a best-practice analytics implementation looks like, A/B testing in detail, BigQuery and GDPR implications.


Matt Wilson

Senior Consultant at Infinity Works

Matt has spent over 30 years working in tech and, in various senior roles, being the bridge between Engineering and Product. Most recently he’s worked on projects in Sainsbury’s and, before that, Google’s DeepMind. He’s really passionate about working with Product Owners to help them understand the art of the possible, and making sure they are getting the best out of the tools available to them. However, what he’s enjoyed most (and still does) is working with engineers. In his spare time he’s into digital sculpting and training Generative Adversarial Networks.

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