4it techELITE – “Effective Pipelines”

24th September 2020 @ 6pm

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4it techELITE – Effective Pipelines

A forum for sharing deepdives into technical issues in the world of IT.


6:05pmPresentation – “Effective Pipelines”

4it techELITE is designed to provide a non-commercial forum for the presentation and exchange of ideas relating to current technical issues in the world of IT. 

Colin Scally from Infinity Works, presents a talk: “Effective Pipelines”

Colin shines a light on the process of getting code to production with minimal stress…

Central to this is the concept of the release pipeline.  So we’ll look at:

  • the importance of a robust pipeline
  • what success looks like
  • what we need to have in place to support an automated pipeline

Plus we’ll dive into a real, living release pipeline that we’ve developed for one of our clients in the finance sector and discuss how we got there and some of the lessons we’ve learnt.


Colin Scally

Colin Scally

Consultant Software Developer at Infinity Works

Colin has been working with Infinity Works in the finance sector for the past three years. His main interests are in the design and build of clean and efficient backend systems to solve complex business problems, and in how to keep those systems healthy and happy!

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