4it futureELITE
“Conquering the digital career climbing wall”

14th October 2021

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4it futureELITE webinar
“Conquering the digital career climbing wall”

4it futureELITE – A forum for inspirational leaders in IT to share the story of their career and offer advice and guidance to ambitious professionals in the world of technology.


Rachel Skelton

Digital Experience & Process Principal at Covea

Rachel develops and implements strategic large-scale people and tech opportunities around cultural growth, innovation, transformation, and employee experience.

With a background in computing and software development, Rachel is a tech speaker, mentor, DEI ally, STEM advocate and community builder.

At Techyrey.com, Rachel speaks about tech career advice, leadership and self development & personal brand, and hosts a TechyChats vlog series with inspiring guests and opening the door to tech.

Paul Pilling

Digital Experience & Process Principal at Covea insurance

Paul is a leader in the digital arena with a passion for driving cultural maturity, and equality along with the growth of people.

He has over 20 years experience of delivering change and transformation across finance, charity and public sectors.

Paul has a background of business analysis, product, IT and agile delivery, and has recently launched his own blog site

Here are some books and useful links referred to in Rachel and Paul’s presentation.


  • ​The Culture Code
  • F*ck being humble – Stephanie Sword- Williams 
  • Brag better- Meredith Fineman 
  • The squigglyy Career Helen Tupper & Sarah Ellis 

Meetup link: (personal brand one!) 


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