Why you shouldn’t move to the Cloud…

Webinar recording of IT Leaders Forum event 25th November 2021

Paul Rhodes & Rob Smith – Introduction and Cloud Migration case studies
Dan Wilson – Prerequisites for success
Damian Hagger – Importance Enterprise Architecture plays in Cloud Migrations
Shaun Walsh – The human challenges of successful Cloud Migration

Given widespread working from home and an increasingly cloud-centric industry, moving all of your data to the cloud may seem like the right move but is it the smartest choice?….

This event provided insight into what can make Cloud Migrations complicated, costly and impact the reputation of the people funding and leading them. The presentations covered what drives the customers’ need to start a cloud migration, the pitfalls of bad design, creating overly complex deployments, and the impact of forgetting the people intended to operate the platform.

Paul Rhodes & Rob Smith who are Co-founders of Perform Partners an award winning business and technical change delivery consultancy provided insight into the variety of reasons we have heard first hand across Gaming, Finance, and Education sectors why organisations ‘think’ they want to migrate to the cloud. The presentation covered common drivers, themes, and misconceptions and highlight the key considerations customers need to be aware of to enable informed decision-making at all levels of an organisation to ensure your Cloud Migration is a success.

Their colleagues explored further; starting with Dan Wilson who discussed a selection of technology, tooling and team prerequisites for success, learned during two years at the coal face of a large corporate Cloud Migration. He also looked at pitfalls and dead ends to avoid, incorrect assumptions and mistakes made along the way… which may help your migration if you decide the public cloud is right for you

Damian Hagger highlighted the critical role Enterprise Architecture plays in Cloud Migrations, looking specifically at the role of business capabilities in a target IT operating model. From his own experience, Damian shared the challenges, opportunities, and risks of setting out on a migration without understanding the IT operating model.

With a focus on migrating people to the Cloud and helping teams through change, Shaun Walsh provided an overview of the challenges and potential solutions of helping teams change and people adapt to new ways of working with Cloud technology. We will seek to highlight that even if the technology is ready, sometimes people and teams are not which impacts the effectiveness of any change.


Paul Rhodes

As one of the three Co-Founders of Perform Partners, Paul Rhodes ensures customers receive the highest quality service without fuss or fanfare. Paul provides the management team guidance on strategy, finance and business forecasting and along with the other Co-Founders ensures Perform Partners’ company culture puts its people and its customers at the heart of the business. Outside of the office, Paul enjoys a lot of recreational walking with his family and dog. Occasionally he plays 5 A-side when called upon, and generally enjoys trying new sports and re-visiting old ones. As part of working with our charity partner Leeds Mind, Paul has recently taken up running to help raise money and awareness for mental health.

Rob Smith

As one of the Co-Founders, Rob Smith takes an active role across all aspects of the business and is currently focused on business development, existing customers and partnership strategy. Listening to customers, translating their needs and being obsessive about the level of service Perform Partners are capable of, he ensures our customers challenges are understood and translated into the various supporting functions to ensure a seamless experience for each customer. Away from the business, Rob enjoys any kind of physical challenge, skiing is his go-to family holiday – teaching his three kids to ski has been his greatest achievement. He has recently found Crossfit and wants to take it to the next level and compete. He also enjoys a glass of red!

Dan Wilson

Dan Wilson is a hands-on engineering leader and for the last two years has been embedded within a large corporate client’s cloud migration, mostly writing and deploying infrastructure-as-code and building out DevOps teams. Starting his career as a network engineer, Dan went on to serve as the Technical Director of a cloud telecommunications startup for 10 years, before moving into consulting on more traditional web technologies. Having worked exclusively with cloud applications for over 15 years, he has witnessed the huge change that widespread adoption of the public cloud has brought first-hand. Despite his now slightly greying beard, Dan still has the same enthusiasm for working with these new technologies that he felt when he first installed Linux from a stack of floppies over 25 years ago.

Damian Hagger

As Lead Architect, Damian Hagger helps ensure big picture strategy can be met by implementations, through assured design and guidance. Over the last 20 years, Damian has had a career in technology design and development within the financial and insurance sectors. In recent years he has moved further into the enterprise architecture and solution architecture design space. He is passionate about communicating the value of architectural approaches to integrating business, application and technology through guidance and thought leadership. When not working at his desk, Damian spends his time cycling, walking and enjoying a coffee with friends.

Shaun Walsh

Shaun Walsh lives his life with the philosophy that everything is changing constantly. With a candid and often creative problem-solving approach, Shaun is at his best when thinking outside the box to overcome problems with solutions that don’t feel the need to be conventional. Outside of the office, Shaun is a highly active dad to 2 high-energy young boys. When he’s not running with his boys, Shaun is an avid amateur athlete with several charity fundraising Marathon runs under his belt, a 10K Lake Windermere Swim, and long-distance cycling inducing taking part in the Tour de Yorkshire race.

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